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Ecclesfield School



It is hard to encapsulate in words the full dynamism and vibrancy of our school. We are hugely proud of our students and privileged to serve them and this community. We see it as our professional and moral duty to prepare them as individuals to play their part as active citizens – rounded and centred and aware of all they might contribute to the world. In practical terms, this commitment is manifest in the lessons we deliver, the extra-curricular opportunities we offer and in the wider opportunities we promote.

Ecclesfield is a school with a strong academic tradition but we are equally committed to the Arts, to sport and to collective and individual achievement beyond the classroom.

We are proud to be a school: a crucible of learning, of individual improvement and shared development; a focal point for a community and its aspirations; a place where young lives flourish and futures are nurtured, shaped and celebrated.

Welcome to Ecclesfield.

R Walkden,
Acting Headteacher
Ecclesfield School