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Our people

If you’re considering a career with us there's no better endorsement of us as a great employer than learning about the experiences of the people who make us what we are today.

Steve Higham

MD of rail engineering projects

I joined Atkins in September 1997 after graduating from the University of Birmingham in Civil Engineering. I manage the rail design and build projects business which predominantly delivers complex resignalling and remodelling schemes to Network Rail. We deliver no matter how demanding the project. Our strength is our people and our people are the best.

During the 15 years I have worked for Atkins, I have evolved as an engineer, a manager and now a leader. Throughout this evolution, Atkins has provided me with not only technical support, guidance and training, but also a diverse range of projects from which I have gained a wealth of experience.

Rachel House

Engineering consultant

I joined Atkins on the graduate scheme in September of 2009. I knew I wanted to work in consultancy, and I’d heard that Atkins had a lot of opportunities in areas that interested me. When I came for interview, I was really impressed by the people I met and the projects I heard about.

After joining as a graduate, I’ve been promoted twice and am now able to take on leadership roles. I’ve been able to experience different projects, but transfer skills between them. I’ve been able to work on projects which have provided me with the competences I needed to gain my chartership in 2013 as well as being able to work abroad, work on design, analysis and commercial projects, all in the space of less than four years.

It’s a culture of "right first time"; the quality of our work is really important. The motto of my business unit is “it can be done” – this sets Atkins apart as the attitude is always that there must be a solution and way round any obstacles, we just need to think in the right way to find it!

Tiffany Chan

Associate technical director

I joined Atkins as graduate engineer in 2000. I was looking for a company that could develop my career. Atkins is a well-known company in Hong Kong and working in the tunnelling department is challenging and interesting for me.

I was given a very comprehensive training and obtained chartership in five years. Since then I’ve been given more responsibility and opportunities to get involved in many major projects. I have been given very good guidance from my seniors and support from colleagues.

It’s an energetic company with a very good working environment.

Warren Sullivan

Graduate mechanical engineer

I considered various career paths after university and applied for many different jobs where I could use the skills I’d learnt during my degree.

When I came to Atkins for an interview and found out more about the company I discovered how varied the work they do is within the company and also within individual specialised teams. The opportunity to have variety in my job coupled with the chance to further my understanding of the technical subjects required in my position was an irresistible opportunity I couldn’t say no to!

I never imagined myself working within oil and gas, thinking it to be a dying industry with the advent of renewable energy. But it’s quite the opposite; there are numerous projects and new assets coming online from the major global producers which provide our team with lots of work to get on with! This constant flow of projects, each one uniquely challenging, keeps me interested in the work I do and doesn’t promote complacency as every time it’s different. I get on great with the people I work with and it’s a very positive, nurturing environment where people are always willing to help you out. I’m learning something new on a daily basis, whether it is a technical part of my job or how to interact with clients. Atkins makes sure you get a wide exposure to all aspects of work life.