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Flexible working

We want to make Atkins an even better place to work. In part, this means helping you balance the challenges of delivering a quality client service whilst recognising your need to make the most of life outside the office. This work/life balance matters, so that’s why we’re clearly explaining our approach to flexible working.

If one of our roles has been advertised under the category of flexible working* we would encourage you to explore the flexible working options we are able to offer during the interview process. These can include:

  • Part-time working – where you work fewer than the standard number of full-time hours
  • Job sharing – where two employees share the duties of a full-time position
  • Mobile working/teleworking – this permits employees to work all or part of their week at a location remote from their normal workplace, for example at another Atkins office or site office
  • Phased retirement – for employees who wish to change their pattern of working hours and perhaps adjust their responsibilities as a transition towards retirement
  • Home working – helpful when you need to concentrate on a particular piece of work or when you need to balance domestic and work commitments
  • Flexible Holiday Scheme – each year you can have the option of buying up to 15 days additional leave or selling up to 5 days of leave, so you can take between 4 and 8 weeks of holiday each year
  • Sabbatical/career break – an approved, extended period of unpaid leave which gives you the opportunity to study, carry out voluntary work or travel
  • Term-time working – an arrangement where you do not work during the school holidays.

For a flexible working arrangement to be successful there must be flexibility on all sides. Our approach must take account of the needs of the individual, the manager, the team and Atkins. Atkins will consider any reasonable request to work flexibly but reserves the right to approve or refuse requests on the basis of commercial need.efw