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This is our story
Helping you get to where you want to be


Atkins is a people business. We’re successful because we offer our clients diverse skills and experience and we know that our ability to attract talented people and encourage you to stay with us is as much about the working environment we create as it is about the amazing projects we work on. We believe in being fair, equal and helping each other to improve and advance. It’s part of our culture and of everyone who works with us.

We want our workplaces to be free from discrimination and be places in which people feel respected and motivated. At Atkins, everyone should feel comfortable and have the chance to carve out a rewarding career for themselves.

We’re trying to change the perception that engineering is a man’s world. Our stated aim is that one third of our company board will be female by 2015. By the same time, women should make up more than 20 per cent of our senior staff. To reach these goals we have set up a number of schemes. Our Women’s Professional Network inspires our female employees and supports their career progression. Our Women’s Leadership Council is a body of our most senior women who guide the way for others. And our Gender Balance Improvement Group constantly monitors how we’re doing.