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Whether you are looking for guidance on salary expectations, help with career progression or looking for insight into your area of professional expertise, our content aims to provide you with the expert insight you need to make the right decisions for both your career and your business.

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Five onboarding techniques to give your new staff the best start

Retail recruitment

A good onboarding strategy can create loyalty early on, increasing the chances of retention.

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Retail careers - North vs South

retail careers in north and south

If you want to make it within a head office role within the retail sector what location is best? Does the capital offer you a quicker route to success, or is it better to become a big fish in a smaller pond?

Find out which is better for your career

Attract the best ecommerce talent in retail

ecommerce staff in retail

The digital revolution has had a profound impact on consumers’ spending habits and has reshaped the retail industry at an unprecedented rate. In this article, we detail how it continues to shape the retail industry.

Discover ways to attract the best ecommerce talent

Using LinkedIn to get your next retail job

Retail job search on social media

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful marketing tools for professionals. As well as networking and connecting with like-minded retail professionals, it’s a prime place to be headhunted by retail companies and recruiters. Optimising your profile is a guaranteed way to get you noticed online and it’s important that you know how you can do this.

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Interview tips for retail jobs

retail interview top tips

You’ve got as far as obtaining an interview, a sign that the employer is impressed with your CV, but now is the time to showcase your experience and explain to the interviewer why you are the right person for the role.

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How to attract the best talent in today's retail industry

assistant buyer career advice

As the market continues to improve, many retailers and suppliers are looking to strengthen and expand their current teams. In light of this recruitment drive, there is a noticeable shortage in certain skills sets with high calibre candidates becoming increasingly in demand so promoting your company well has become very important.

Discover ways to attract the best retail talent

A day in the life of an Assistant Buyer


Are you thinking about a career in retail buying? We interview an assistant buyer, to get an insight on what the job consists of and advice on how to be successful in the role.

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