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Focus on interim and temporary logistics jobs


Many logistics professionals are choosing to make a career out of interim work for a number of reasons and the benefits. Hays Logistics outlines the qualities are required to success and how they can help you with your career ambitions.

The reasons for choosing Logistics interim work:

  • To fill a gap in their careers when looking for permanent work or when undertaking a change in direction

  • To gain additional expertise and skills

  • They enjoy the variety that temporary work can offer

  • Making a difference to an organisation

  • The option of working part-time or taking sabbaticals

An interim or temporary role can be anything from a supply chain coordinator to logistics director. Contracts can vary from short-term, part-time project work – requiring a report within a matter of days, for example – to covering a maternity leave absence or managing an important project. This is often determined by what you are prepared to offer.

Some of the benefits of interim work include:

  • The flexibility and work-life balance: you choose when you work

  • Exposure to project-driven environments and new challenges

  • The remuneration can be excellent, with interims command day rates of £350-£1000 depending on the role and location

Remember, however, that while interim work has its advantages, it can be daunting for some, particularly during periods of economic downturn when work can be unreliable.

Key qualities for interim logistics professionals

If you are interested in pursuing an interim logistics career, you should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • A track record of problem solving and strategic thinking

  • The ability to get up add value from day one

  • Possession of specialist professional knowledge and expertise

  • Flexibility: location, level of role, length of assignment and business sector will vary

How Hays Logistics can help

Whether you are looking for your first interim logistics job or the next project in a long line of temporary work, we can offer you:

  • An open and frank discussion to determine whether this is the right move for you and assignments available

  • Up-to-the-minute advice on the current job market

  • A constant point of contact throughout assignment

  • Weekly payment

  • A discussion of the benefits of PAYE vs a limited company

Earn £250 for referring

We will reward you with either a £250 retail shopping voucher when you refer a friend and we place them in a role for at least one month.

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