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PA and Secretarial Events


Keep up to date with all PA and Secretarial events going on in the UK. You will be able to view the events from here and register your interest and buy tickets.

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PA Networking Event

Date: Thursday 15th June 2017
Time: 18.30 - 20.30
Location: The Aviator Hotel, Farnborough

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We are delighted to invite you to our latest PA networking event with award winning PA Helen Rees, Vice-Chair of the Regional Board of EPAA and PA to the Chief Executive at Marwell Wildlife.

PAs today are becoming more deeply rooted into organisational strategy. Many are viewed as key business decision makers and trusted advisors, with 62% of managers now seeing their PAs contribution to their organisation as similar to that of a manager or director.*

This is a fantastic opportunity to discover the career path and challenges of a high profile, PA expert in the 21st Century. Helen will be sharing her experiences through her presentation “A View from the Zoo – Tales of a Musician with an Open Career Plan”.

PA & EA Networking Event

Date: Wednesday 21st June 
Time: 17.45 - 20.15
Address: Hays Office, London, Cheapside

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We are delighted to invite you to our latest PA & EA networking event with inspirational expert Janice Parker, Executive Assistant at Odgers Berndtson, Global Executive Search firm.

The idea of the PA as merely admin support is now becoming increasingly outdated. Many employers now see their PA’s contribution to their organisation as equivalent to either a manager or director. Today’s PAs are confident decision makers and business influencers, they have strong social media skills and often manage other support workers and teams.*

Not only is this seminar a fantastic opportunity to hear from our expert speaker, it will also provide a corporate take on speed dating.

About the Speed networking session:

An intensive session of two-minute mini-meetings with up to 80 PAs and EAs from the London Commerce market. This will provide high exposure to multiple individuals from your peer group to brainstorm, share ideas, trouble shoot and build long standing business connections. If you are coming solo or part of a team it is a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow professionals.

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