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Hays Journal - Issue 11

Hays Global Skills Index 2015

Career advice

Delve Deeper - Health Economics & Outcomes Research careers


Jobs in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) primarily revolve around the necessity for pharmaceuticals companies to compellingly demonstrate the value of their products in regards to efficacy, affordability and demand.


Due to the increased importance of health economics and outcomes research, suitable applicants for vacancies in the sector are in great demand. This, combined with a lack of individuals with the necessary skill set, has led to a worldwide skills shortage and talented professionals will be sought after for many years to come. This means that a career in HEOR could be a lucrative choice for skilled candidates.

At Hays Life Sciences, we specialise in filling vacancies in the pharmaceuticals industry. Dedicated to filling the talent gap, we have developed a number of unique options for recruiting health economics professionals and outcomes research experts. These include our global searches, in which we can source talent from other companies, as well as assist them in their sponsorship and re-location and provide guidance in regards to visa applications and cultural inductions.

Careers in outcomes research and health economics

For those looking for a position in health economics or outcomes research, a master's degree in Health Economics, Public Health or Statistics is ideal. Candidates should also have good project management skills, as well as excellent communication skills - both written and verbal - a talent for succinctness and the ability to communicate a complex message simply.

It is generally recommended that the best way to get into the fields of health economics and outcomes research is to work in a consultancy role; this will give you hands-on experience and gives more opportunity for upwards career progression.

"An applicant's abilities and specialist skills could have an impact on which vacancies are most appropriate for them."

An applicant's abilities and specialist skills could have an impact on which vacancies are most appropriate for them. Those with excellent technical capabilities may find themselves more suited to health economics jobs or outcomes research roles in a consultancy organisation. Alternatively, applicants who have strong project management and liaison skills would generally be more desirable to in-house work with a pharmaceuticals company.

Generally, salaries for a position as a health economics specialist or outcomes research professional can vary greatly between different jobs, locations and companies. They do tend to be attractive however, given the scarcity of skills in the sector.

Typical roles in health economics and outcomes research

At Hays Pharma, we have worked with many of the leading life science companies to fill mid to upper level permanent or temporary professionals within the health economics and outcomes research areas.

Senior Health Economists develop proposals and manage projects with an objective to evaluate and demonstrate a product's value, while ensuring completion to agreed timescales and budgets.

Senior Outcomes Research Managers contribute to the development decisions of a specific product by providing assessments and related evidence throughout a project.

Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research Managers facilitate and execute research studies to support both new and existing products.

Directors of Health Outcomes are responsible for developing HEOR strategies and managing projects for multiple products.

Directors of Health Economics and Reimbursement are responsible for assessing and formulating reimbursement policy strategies, as well as implementing those strategies accurately and in a timely manner.

Recruitment in outcomes research and health economics

As a global leader in pharmaceutical recruitment, Hays Life Sciences is uniquely positioned to fill vacancies for a range of tasks, including outcomes research and health economics. We work with employers in around 25 countries and our staffing solutions include a range of innovative techniques, including managed hiring and global sourcing.

With a highly skilled team of recruitment specialists, we ensure that every member of our staff has a thorough understanding of the sectors in which they operate, meaning that we can fill a position in outcomes research and health economics quickly and with the most qualified applicants. This, along with our detailed global database, allows us to successfully search for and place over 2,000 professionals every year.

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