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The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) will be introducing revalidation for all nurses from April 2016. The process will allow you to maintain your professional registration with the NMC. You will be required to revalidate every three years.

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The purpose of revalidation is to ensure that as a nurse you can demonstrate your continued ability to practice safely and effectively. It will encourage you to gain feedback from patients and colleagues and promote your engagement in professional networks and discussions.

Ultimately, this will culminate in you seeking confirmation that you have met the revalidation mandatory requirements from an appropriate person. 


Revalidation mandatory requirements  

The requirements for revalidation include:

• 450 practice hours or 900 if revalidating as both a nurse and midwife – to be evidenced

• 35 hours CPD including 20 hours participatory learning – to be evidenced

• Five pieces of practice related feedback – to be evidenced

• Five written reflective accounts– to be evidenced

• Reflective discussion– to be evidenced

• Health and character declaration – signed declaration

• Professional indemnity arrangements – signed declaration

• Confirmation – provided by a suitable confirmer


Supporting your revalidation 

As a Hays Healthcare nurse, we will support you by:

• Providing workshops to assist your understanding of revalidation.We will also provide: you with a folder for your revalidation documents. Each section will explain what is required for revalidation.

We will also provide:

• A document that evidences your practice hours completed via Hays Healthcare.

• A NMC reflective account form to be completed if a complaint is received regarding your practice.

• Services of our clinical lead and nurse interviewers to participate in a reflective discussion following the completion of the reflective account form. This will be evidenced using the NMC mandatory reflective discussion form.

• A confirming service to enable full time agency nurses to revalidate. All confirmers will be senior registered nurses.


The role of the confirmer 

You will be expected to obtain confirmation that you have completed your revalidation from an appropriate person. This person is the confirmer. The NMC deem an appropriate person to be a direct line manager, a NMC registrant or a regulated healthcare professional.

The NMC state that, as a nurse, you should obtain their confirmation through the organisation where you undertake the majority of your work. We will help all full time agency workers to revalidate.

The NMC advises that your confirmer should have a discussion with you about your practice to review your revalidation. We engage with our clinical lead and nurse interviewers on an independent basis -they will be responsible for carrying out the revalidation discussions and confirmations. 


Supporting the confirmation process 

It is your responsibility to collate the evidence you require in your Hays Healthcare revalidation folder. When your time comes to revalidate you must present this to your confirmer.

You will need to meet with your confirmer face-to-face to enable a discussion and physical review of your evidence. The confirmer will not judge the quality of your evidence, but will check whether you have met the mandatory requirements of revalidation.

If you can provide evidence, the confirmer will complete the mandatory NMC confirmation form. If you haven’t met the mandatory requirements the confirmer will let you know and instruct you on the steps needed to ensure you meet the revalidation requirements. Once this has been completed satisfactorily you will meet your confirmer again to gain confirmation.


What do I do now?

If you have any specific questions on the revalidation process or you wish to attend a revalidation workshop to learn more, please contact your dedicated Hays consultant.

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