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Opportunities in the UK
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Moving away from your homeland is never easy, but the opportunities and adventure waiting for you in the UK can prove well-paid and extremely rewarding.

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Natalia was a qualified paramedic in Poland before making the big leap to work in the UK. A shortage of paramedics gave Natalia the opportunity to relocate from Poland and a healthy relocation package gave her the means to do so. This is her story: 

Making the move

Living away was the most difficult part of the process for me. England is a very beautiful country and people are very polite to each other, it's easy to get used to that. Surprisingly, the weather is better than in Poland. We've all heard the stories about how much it rains in England, but to be honest, for me it is not that bad and it is much warmer.

The job in the UK vs. Poland

Hours are very long for paramedics in Poland, I had little time to pursue other things or spend time with my family. The British ambulance services are focused on the well-being of their employees. I work a strict limit of hours and have access to quality equipment. This makes everybody more healthy and able to focus on medical side of the work

"You do the job you love, you get paid good money for it and you have a lot of free time"


Quality of life

Since coming to the UK, my life is easier and a lot calmer. I don’t worry about finances as my salary covers accommodation, food and all other things I need. I have excellent medical care, a good pension scheme and opportunities to further my career. I work only in one job so I have a lot of free time to focus on other things like my family and hobbies.

Professional respect in the UK

Once somebody gets to know and work with us for a while they treat us as we are part of the team. Speaking for myself and on behalf of the other paramedics that have joined with me from Poland, our medical skills and knowledge were never doubted.

What would you advise other paramedics applying?

Be positive and believe in yourself! It isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's absolutely possible. It's a great adventure and it is absolutely worth trying. There are always people happy to help.

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