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Sample leadership interview questions

Sample interview questions from our educational leadership team.

Shaping the Future

• Describe your vision for school improvement. To what extent have you made this vision a reality in your current school?
• Explain your input into the development, strategic planning and communication of your school’s vision.
• How do you embody your current school’s vision for excellence in your day-to-day practice?
• Give us an example of when you facilitated change in your current school. What was the impact of the change and what did you learn from the process?
• Describe the Head you aspire to be. How far have you come on that journey?

Leading Learning and Teaching

• Talk me through how you have assessed the effectiveness of teaching and learning in your school. How have you used that assessment to inform best practice?
• Tell me about an innovative teaching and learning strategy you have researched in the last year. Have you, or are you, intending to implement this in your school? If so, how?
• Please provide an example of how you have moved a colleague’s teaching forward from good to outstanding.
• Please give an example of how you have successfully embedded personalised learning in your school?
• To what extent are you committed to enhancing the well-being of all students? Can you provide an example from your recent experience?

Securing Accountability

• How do you ensure that staff are held accountable for their performance? •Please provide an example of when you have used data to ensure that staff were held accountable for their student’s progress.
• How have you increased accountability for pupil learning outcomes?
• What part have you played in developing the SEF? How did you engage the school community in this exercise? How has this affected the culture of your school?

Managing the organisation

• What systems and processes have you used to ensure the effective running of your school on a day-to-day basis?
• Give an example of how you have sought innovative solutions to funding constraint? What was the outcome?
• Could you tell us about how you have maximised the use of current facilities at your school? What were the challenges you faced?
• Explain how, with an example, you delegated effectively to colleagues in your team? What did you learn from this experience?
• Talk us through how you manage your workload? How do you manage the unexpected?

Developing self and working with others

• Tell us about a team you have developed? Which strategies did you use?
• How have you motivated your whole school community to embrace a new initiative? What was the impact at a whole school level?
• Many people find giving constructive feedback colleagues difficult? What has been your experience?
• How have you built leadership capacity in your school?
• What were your personal learning objectives for last year? How have you addressed these issues so far?

Strengthening Community

• Please provide examples of the networks that you have built that go beyond school. What benefits have these brought back to your school community?
• How have you engaged with your local community to help enrich the lives of your students?

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