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Executive Recruitment for Senior Education Positions


Education-Leadership-Recruitment LP imageRecruiting outstanding leaders is one of the most important decisions for a school but is often one of the most challenging.

Hays Leadership deliver successful recruitment campaigns at all levels of education leadership.

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Get the school panel excited with your supporting statement

The supporting statement is your opportunity to tell the panel that you are the person for the job. In this article, we outline how you should approach your supporting statement to conjure up the interest of panel.

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Leadership in schools advice

How to be an effective leader in education and how the structure of leadership is changing in schools.

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Selection centre advice

In this article, we will tell you what can you expect if you're asked to attend a selection centre, and give you advice on how best to deal with some of the common challenges.

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Sample leadership interview questions

Our Educational leadership team have had vasts amount of experience when it comes to interviews. They've collated a number of potential questions that may come up in leadership interviews.

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Comprehensive advice for your leadership presentation

In our presentation advice for Leadership roles, we go through every stage of presentation advising on how to prepare for it to ensure you will be at your best.

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Permanent & Interim positions

Hays Leadership will proactively work on your behalf to secure your next permanent & interim position.

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