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NQT Summer tips - The Six R's

NQT Summer advice


In this new fortnightly blog that will run throughout the summer, experienced teacher, school leader and trainer Helen Morgan offers tips and advice for NQTs on how to make the most of the summer holidays, starting with ‘the six Rs’.

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Rest, recuperate and re-energise

As you look forward to starting your first post in September, it's essential that you take time to rest, recuperate and re-energise at the start of the summer break. It’s important to spend time with your friends and family, or doing other things that you enjoy, so that you develop a healthy work-life balance. As an NQT, your goal is to enjoy the challenges and rewards of teaching, not to simply survive. In order to achieve this, you need to prioritise your well-being and make sure that you approach September with a healthy sense of perspective.

Read and research

By now you'll have visited your new school and met your colleagues. You'll also be beginning to familiarise yourself with how the school works on a day-to-day basis. Added to this, your school will have provided you with handbooks, key information and schemes of work. One of the best things that you can do across the first couple of weeks of the holiday is to read key information and research new topics that you will be teaching. Starting now will give you plenty of time to ask any questions you have or find any information you need. Being confident and well prepared will enable you to get off to a great start in your new school.


For all teachers, both new and experienced, summer provides a fantastic chance to reflect on the previous year and think about the changes that you want to make for the year ahead. You will have learned a huge amount during your training year and the first couple of weeks of the holiday are the ideal time to reflect upon this.

  • Think about your short, medium and long term goals for your NQT year. What are they and how will you know if you have been successful?

  • If you have your timetable, consider how you will manage your time to plan, mark and assess work effectively. How will this fit around your existing commitments?

  • Look at your class lists, what expectations and routines do you want to establish with your classes? How will you introduce yourself and get to know your students?

  • If you have your own classroom, what kind of environment do you want to create? Think about the steps that you need to take to achieve this

We hope that you make the most of the first couple of weeks of the holiday and look forward to sharing more ideas about how you can prepare for your first post in August.

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