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Whether you are looking for guidance on salary expectations, help with career progression or looking for insight into your area of professional expertise or local recruitment market. Our content aims to provide you with the expert insight you need to make the right decisions for both your career and your business.

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Should I stay or leave my job?

Are you in deliberation on whether to stay or leave your job? This article discusses how you can decide whether to stay or when to move on to a new job.

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Using social media in your job search

Here are 5 ways to make social media work for you when looking for a new job.

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10 career mistakes to avoid

Just one career mistake is all it can take to have a damaging impact on your professional ambitions. To avoid tripping up, Susie Timlin, Global Director of People & Culture at Hays Talent Solutions put together a list of the ten most common career mistakes.

Career mistakes to avoid

Is accountancy an elitist profession?

Are the big accountancy firms helping to perpetuate the class divide? We find out what the UK Accountancy institutes had to say.

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Six pieces of advice when dealing with first day nerves

A new job can cause butterflies to flutter but there are a few things to remember that can help settle those day one nerves.

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Salary & recruiting trends for Senior Finance professionals

Karen Young, Director of Senior Finance at Hays, provides an overview of the Senior Finance recruitment insights and trends from the Hays Salary Guide 2015 (video).

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Five top tips to boost your finance career

Practice or industry? This is the vital career decision most newly-qualified accountants face as demand increases for their skills.

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Answering difficult interview questions

There are some interview questions that many people find difficult. In the first of a series of articles on difficult interview questions, we’ll help you prepare for the question, “Why are you looking for a new role?”

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Demand for temporary resource on the up

As business confidence increases in the UK and we continue striving for consistent, sustainable economic growth and recovery, the importance of being able to hire in expertise to finance departments and project delivery teams on a short to medium term basis. 

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How to identify your key strengths

So you have begun your job search and are preparing your CV and getting yourself interview ready. A key element to being successful with securing a new job is understanding what you are good at so you can effectively sell yourself.

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CV top tips

The most important thing to remember when writing your CV is this; the purpose of your CV is to secure you the interview, not the job. With this in mind, see below for top tips on writing an interview-winning CV for Part and Newly Qualified Accountancy and Finance job opportunities.

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Start your new job the right way

Shahid Nawaz, Business Director at Hays Accountancy & Finance, discusses making the first six months of your new job a success.

‘The first few weeks are crucial to give a positive impression and the first few months should leave a lasting impression with your employer. It is important to demonstrate enthusiasm and knowledge in the early stages.’

First published in CIMA Insight e-magazine in September 2014.

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Personal SWOT analysis

Nick Keen, Business Director, Hays Accountancy & Finance on career planning: using a personal SWOT analysis.

‘Often your greatest strengths may be attributes that you take for granted or features of your personality that you are not even aware of.’

First published in Student Accountant magazine in September 2014.

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The next step in your career

Accountancy182x182pxIf your professional accountancy exams are behind you, or you are sitting your final papers this year, the chances are you will be thinking “what now”? SME or large multi-national? Home or abroad?

Your newly qualified status will open the door to a whole host of career options, Hays’ latest Journey Ahead Guide is designed to help you make your mind up.

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Sector Insight - Part Qualified Accountants in London

As the economy continues to strengthen, the outlook for the next 12 months looks bright for part-qualified and qualified-by-experience accountants in the City of London.

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Essential career skills

Paul Venables Finance Director for Hays

Paul Venables, Group FD for Hays Plc, shares his views on:

Which skills most critical for a long term career in Finance
Progress from a Finance Controller to Finance Director level

Capability Gap Report 2015

DNA of a Credit Manager

DNA of a Partner

DNA of a Finance Director