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Attracting New Talent

The development sector remained relatively untouched by the recession and continues to enjoy strong growth, with companies employing developers to streamline their operations and capitalise on advances in areas such as HTML(5), JavaScript and CSS. User interface developers are also in high demand.

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This has been particularly true in the public sector, where housing associations, further education institutions and the NHS have all seen uplifts in recruitment levels. This is true for many regions, although employers in the South East can typically find web development professionals more easily than those in other parts of the country.

There have been cases where companies have advertised for web development staff and had no responses whatsoever – such is the disparity between supply and demand. As a result, organisations have begun to advertise overseas. For example, at Hays we have found that website developers are now moving to the UK from countries such as Poland, Romania and Bulgaria in significant numbers, to fill the employment gap. This is especially true in open source technology development such as PHP, where a large number of foreign nationals have recently secured positions.

Looking further ahead, young people are being encouraged to consider web development as an attractive career through the introduction of computer programming as part of the national curriculum from September 2014, as well as voluntary initiatives such as CoderDojo (more on page 2). For the moment, the pressure is on companies to build strong relationships with potential candidates and to persuade them of the benefits of coming to work for them, as professionals are currently able to pick and choose between potential employers.

For those already in employment, the attraction of contract work over full-time employment is rising. Contract workers in development typically earn two to three times the rate that they might earn as a permanent member of staff. Demand for developers is increasing across the board, in all kinds of disciplines, including mobile, front and back end development, in both public and private sector organisations.

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Despite rising demand, employers have remained cautious over the past two to three years, so salaries have not risen dramatically. However, current conditions are likely to lead to increases over the next 12 months, as companies struggle to recruit permanent employees. If a business is determined to recruit a permanent website developer, they will have to pay a competitive salary. For senior developers in the North West, Yorkshire and Wales for example, this could be £45,000 this year, compared to £40,000 last year.

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