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As organisations adopt more efficient technologies, streamline processes and exploit the nexus of forces that is mobile computing, cloud services, enterprise social and big data the demand for developers will outstrip supply for permanent and contract roles.

This is a fast growing and fast changing area of technology where candidates are well aware of what the market will pay for their scarce development skills. In contrast, most employers are only just beginning to understand how buoyant the market is and what this means for their recruitment efforts and technology budgets.

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There is increased demand for candidates to fill both permanent and contract development roles in areas ranging from data reporting to payment platforms. Demand is strong across the public sector although the trend is towards hiring permanent development specialists and retaining knowledge rather than using contractors. Organisations of all shapes and sizes are adopting more efficient technologies, streamlining processes and exploiting the connection of forces across mobile computing, cloud services, enterprise social and big data.

The perceptions and experiences of users have never been more important and developers with the technology skills to enhance these are highly valued for desktop systems, websites and web applications. For the next year, however, the latter two are expected to drive much of the demand for front end development work as global retail giants, public sector bodies and large financial institutions increasingly outsource their software development to digital agencies and e-commerce services companies. As technologies and methodologies advance, websites and web apps become progressively more complex and are expected to provide a much richer and more interactive experience. So accomplished user interface developers are increasingly sought after.

Demand is expected to remain high for web design front end technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5 and user interface developers with the latest technical skills are already seeing uplifts in their salaries and benefits packages. There is currently a lot of pressure on the market in Scotland and although salary and contract rates are marginally lower in this region, the differential is shrinking fast. Demand for back end skills such as PHP, and Java remains as pressure from established organisations and start-ups across the UK makes it progressively more difficult to meet the need for suitably skilled candidates for both permanent and for project led roles.

Demand for both permanent and contract development specialists is unlikely to let up anytime soon, so employers should expect fierce competition when it comes to attracting and retaining the best developers. Appealing salaries and benefits will help to attract the best candidates, as will the offer of continual training and development and the opportunity to work on interesting projects. But employers will need to act fast if they want to snap up their preferred candidate before somebody else does. More is expected of developers too – particularly where front end work has moved over to agencies. Here, softer skills are now essential, and the ability to build relationships and communicate with the end client effectively is vital.

 Click here to request your copy of our IT Market Overview and Salary Guide for 2013.

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