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Hays Journal - Issue 12
Global insight for experts in the world of HR & recruitment


Hays Journal is an industry-first, award winning thought leadership publication which explores the current issues and hot topics of the ever changing world of work. Find out what is in the latest issue below.

Top topics from issue 12

Encouraging innovation

How can business encourage an entrepreneurial spirit?

Could ‘intrapreneurship’ be the next buzz word of the corporate world? According to recruiting experts Hays, it’s gaining prominence as organisations look to their staff for innovations and make an entrepreneurial spirit part of their selection criteria when hiring new talent.

Intrapreneurship is the idea that individuals can, in some form, be encouraged to explore their own business ideas alongside their day jobs. It’s gaining prominence because many organisations are trying to improve internal innovation in order to compete with market disruptions, technology innovations and the impact of digital. It’s an issue explored in the recruiter’s latest Hays Journal.

Employee engagement

Why it's essential to instil a sense of purpose

Employees want to be given a sense of purpose at work and know how their contribution makes a difference, according to recruiting experts Hays.

According to findings in the latest Hays Journal, the recruiter says that the value in employee engagement terms of a competitive salary and perks has reduced and been replaced by a desire to work with purpose and make a difference.

The rise of the freelancer

An opportunity to flex the workforce

The number of people choosing to freelance is rising, as workers and businesses realise the benefits of contracting, says recruiting experts Hays in the latest edition of the Hays Journal.

There are many advantages to freelancing, for both employees and employers alike. An increasing number of workers are opting to freelance rather than take on permeant roles due to the flexibility it offers, while businesses are attracted by the same flexibility.


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