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before you arrive

So your tickets are booked, but what do you bring to your new London home?

What you have read is true - London does have amazingly unpredictable weather. You can guard against this by packing for a range of seasons. Should you not be able to bring everything, you can always buy what you need on arrival as there are tons of shops. A great reason, were one needed, to go shopping!

Below is our list of the essentials ...

  • Comfortable walking shoes - London is best experienced on foot, and certainly using the Tube involves a lot of stairs!
  • An umbrella - yes, it rains in the UK. A lot
  • A good camera and perhaps a backup battery, just in case
  • A good suit/ dress - not only is this a must for the workplace, but there are many good places to eat in London where one is expected to make an effort
  • A trustworthy backpack - as with the shoes, there are lots of steps in London which make struggling with a suitcase impractical.
  • The right power adaptor - bear in mind the Brits use a 3 pin plug with an earth wire (details here). You may find it difficult once here to buy the right adaptor for your electronic equipment.
  • Any medication you may be taking - names of prescription drugs change depending on what country you are in, so it is useful to pack some before leaving
  • Identity documents for opening a UK bank account - UK banks will want to see various documents before opening your account, so do bring as many of the following as possible. If you want to sort an account before leaving , do check out the HSBC Passport.
    • Passport and visa
    • A letter of introduction / reference from your bank manager at home
    • Proof of address, either in the form of a rental agreement or a bill to you at your address
    • A letter from your employer stating your role, duration of employment and your address
    • A letter from your employer or an employment agency stating you are actively seeking work

Please note this guide is intended for reference only. The companies we have listed, unless stated otherwise, are not specifically endorsed by Hays.


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