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Brazil Overview

Global Skills Index

Brazil’s score for 2013 has fallen marginally to 5.6 from 5.7 in 2012. Some employers will have considerable difficulty attracting and retaining highly-skilled labour in the current environment. GDP is expected to grow by 2.4% in 2013, below the country’s potential. However, it is an improvement on 0.9% growth from 2012 and a further improvement is expected in 2014, when growth is forecast at 4.1%. When economic growth picks up once again, we expect labour market pressures to increase as well.

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Key Finding

Brazil ranks among the worst of the 30 countries in the Hays Global Skills Index in terms of secondary school education quality. A history of subpar educational performance at the secondary level has likely impacted the supply of skills available to employers today and will continue to do so in future if not remedied.

Downward pressure fromBrazil Score final

• Increase in education levels
• Overall wage pressure
• Wage pressure in high-skill industries

Upward pressure from 

• International PISA rank
• Net in-migration
• Labour market regulations

Brazil's 2013 Index

The diagram below shows how Brazil scored for each individual component. The component's all carry an equal weighting but the first four can be considered 'structural indicators' while the last three are compensation based indicators. Each indicator is given a score from 0 to 10.0 and the overall Hays Index score (5.6 for Brazil) is a simple average of the seven indicator scores.


View from the ground

"Brazil is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals, especially in areas where demand is at a high level such as; infrastructure and oil and gas. Overall the most sought after skills are English language skills and strategic thinking. Due to a mild economy companies are now focusing on productivity and talent retention. The main challenges in Brazil are the inflexible labour market and the high costs associated with doing business. However, Brazil is considered as the natural hub for companies Latin American platforms, which still supplies opportunities for professionals."

Carla Rebelo, Managing Director, Hays Brazil 

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