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Gen Y and the World of Work

A new generation has arrived which is now embedded in the world of work – Generation Y. This generation will be responsible for developing, leading and driving economies around the world. It’s therefore important that we understand their understand attitudes and aspirations in the workplace.

That’s why we have conducted in-depth research which examines Generation Y and their workplace needs, attitudes and aspirations. Our research will provide you with a unique insight into Gen Y, how they aspire to power the world of work and what organisations can do to attract, motivate and retain them.

As an introduction to our research, we have created this short animated video:

Series 1: LeadershipDownload this report now.

Series 2: Entreneurship - Download this report now.

Series 3: Attracting employees - Download this report now.

Series 4: Technology at work - Download this report now.

Series 5: Retention - Download this report now.


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We’ve also taken a worldwide view looking beyond the UK to provide insight into Generation Y in the following countries: China, Australia, Germany, USA and Japan.

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