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Marketing and communications recruitment across the financial services sector has remained steady in both the interim and permanent market.


There has been a significant increase in the volume of vacancies for marketing professionals within the digital sphere, including content specialists and generalist marketers at the junior to middle management level. In these areas we have seen a high demand for candidates, many of whom have received two or more offers at any one time. Despite this competition, salaries have remained steady and non-competitive in comparison to the overall market.

The highest growth areas of 2015 were in digital communications and events. Those with web skills, knowledge of CMS and SEO and editorial experience were particularly highly sought after. There was a noticeable increase in content and editorial vacancies which indicated an ongoing need for applicants with strong writing skills and journalistic backgrounds.

There has also been an increase in the number of junior hires across the board with the need for continued support on projects, including implementation of new technologies.

With fierce competition for the best candidates, we have seen a surge in the frequency of counter offers made - an obstacle for many financial companies wishing to secure talent. As well as creating an issue with the acquisition of new talent, it also runs the danger of creating wage pressures and pushing salaries up above the market rate.

The market is buoyant and, as marketing involves such widely applicable skills, many other sectors compete for the same candidates, further magnifying the widespread demand for talent. Businesses need to move quickly for both permanent and interim hires to reduce the risk of losing candidates to competitors, other industries or sectors.

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