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Delve Deeper - Statistics & SAS

In the pharmaceuticals industry, those in statistics and SAS programming roles are important members of the drug development team. The work they do provides information about the efficacy of a medication and plays a significant role in getting a product to the market and into the hands of patients.

As well as collecting and analysing clinical trial data about a medication, the statisticians and SAS programmers work play a part in the research and development stages and they evaluate side effects and costs.

Throughout the pharmaceuticals industry, there is a high demand for those with knowledge of statistics and SAS programming. Since there is a shortage of talent in this area, there are many opportunities for experienced candidates with the right qualifications.

A leader in the pharmaceuticals recruitment sector, Hays Life Sciences is well positioned to find candidates and fill vacancies for roles in statistics and SAS programming around the world. Our innovative staffing solutions are effective at filling the statistics and SAS talent gap and our services include managed hiring schemes and global sourcing.

A career in pharmaceuticals statistics or SAS programming

Those seeking a role as a statistician in the pharmaceuticals sector should hold a degree in statistics or mathematics, ideally an MSc.

For SAS programmers, a computing degree is preferred, although it is possible to get into the industry with an HND or equivalent. Experience of statistics and SAS software is also beneficial.

In most cases, a clinical background is an advantage, but positions are available for those whose experience is purely academic.

For those just leaving university, a position at a CRO is often the first step to a career in statistics or SAS programming. Initially, these roles generally see promotion every one to two years. They provide excellent experience and open up later opportunities with big pharma or contracting.

Working abroad is a great opportunity for those in pharmaceuticals statistics or SAS programming and there are often positions available in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and Singapore. Moving to other countries can be common, especially between EU countries, since English is a universal working language in many companies.

Remuneration for roles in SAS programming and statistics analysis varies widely, depending on an applicant's experience, as well as the responsibilities of the role, the location and the employer. Generally, an applicant for one of these positions can expect to receive between £30,000 and £100,000 annually.

The roles available in pharma statistics and SAS programming

For any role in pharma statistics or SAS programming, candidates should be analytical thinkers with excellent communication and negotiation skills. They should also be comfortable dealing with clients.

Strong organisation and time management skills are vital for those in a SAS programming or statistics analysis role. Additionally, since much of the work is autonomous, applicants should be self-motivated and pro-active.

In a biostatisticians job you plan, define and evaluate data management activities throughout the development process. Tasks often include validation, trial design, cleaning data, structuring statistics databases and reporting.

Work as a clinical programmer and develop and validate statistics programmes using SAS, Oracle Clinical or Clintrial. They ensure systems are effective and provide technical support where required.

In statistics analysts jobs, consultants and managers work to interpret data with the assistance of an SAS programme, as well as lead all statistical aspects of a study, from design and planning, to final reporting.

Filling a statistics or SAS programming vacancy with Hays Life Sciences

Choosing Hays Life Sciences as your pharmaceuticals recruitment specialist will help to ensure that you find the most qualified applicants for a statistics or SAS programming vacancy.

Our team members have undergone intensive training and have expert knowledge of the sector, ensuring they understand the requirements of each role, including those in statistics or SAS programming.

At Hays Life Sciences we have an extensive database of candidates qualified for roles in statistics analysis and SAS programming, as well as other positions in the sector and we work with some of the world's leading pharmaceuticals organisations in 25 countries.

We are dedicated to finding the best candidate for each role and our expertise and unique recruitment methods help us fill thousands of vacancies every year.

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