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Delve Deeper - QA, QC & Validation

A job in pharmaceuticals quality assurance (QA) comprises undertaking planned and systematic actions, which have been established to ensure that all checks and investigations, as well as analysis, documentation and reporting are carried out in accordance with the ever-changing pharma regulations.

The main responsibility of someone in a QA role is to examine and improve the practices and procedures within the pharmaceutical company. This includes making sure that all research and development activities, as well as manufacturing practices, comply with standard operating procedures, protocols, working orders, regulations and ethical considerations.

As with other areas of the pharmaceuticals industry, there is a shortage of talented and qualified candidates for roles in QA, as well as jobs in quality control (QC) and validation. Hays Life Sciences is a recruitment agency that specialises in filling the gap for skilled talent in the pharmaceuticals industry.

With many years of experience, we offer a variety of tools and hiring options to help employers find the best candidates available for a vacancy. Options include global sourcing, where we assist not just with the search for QA candidates, but also in helping with visas and cultural inductions.

About a pharma QA career

Those seeking a QA job, or a role in QC or validation, can expect excellent career progression opportunities and should hold a BSc in life sciences or a nursing degree. Additionally, experience working within a regulated environment, such as a pharmaceuticals company or CRO, is of great benefit.

While there is no formal qualification for a career in QA, there is a course offered through BARQA. Completion of this course could help make a candidate more attractive to employers.

Whatever a candidate's previous background or experience, those seeking a QA job should have a firm knowledge of ICH, FDA and MHRA regulations, as well as an understanding of both clinical and manufacturing processes.

In most cases, candidates new to the pharmaceuticals QA sector move into the area from other clinical or manufacturing positions. It is generally very difficult to cross over from another industry, due to the specialist knowledge and scientific background that are required for a candidate to be successful in a QA role.

Remuneration for jobs in QA, QC and validation vary depending on the company, location and experience required. In general, however, candidates can expect to be paid well, with yearly salaries ranging from £26,000 to £60,000.

Typical pharmaceuticals QA jobs

Those seeking a QA job, QC position or validation role should have excellent people skills, with a talent for diplomacy and an ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Good organisation skills and attention to detail are vital, as well as an ability to solve complex problems. Candidates should also have a solid sense of professional and personal integrity, whatever sort of pharmaceutical quality assurance job they are pursuing.

Additionally, those looking for a QA job should be computer literate and able to work well both individually and as part of a team.

Quality assurance technicians, analysts and consultants are responsible for auditing clinical projects to ensure that trials are being carried out to the correct regulations, as well as time and budget constraints.

For quality control technicians, analysts and consultants, tasks include inspecting products to ensure they meet the required quality and safety standards.

Validation engineers and consultants work to demonstrate and document that products are effective at providing the required results.

Find a QA job with Hays Life Sciences

As a global leader in pharmaceuticals recruitment, Hays Life Sciences has experience in filling vacancies for QA jobs, QC roles and pharmaceutical validation opportunities. We work hard to help employers find the best available applicant for both mid and upper level positions across a wide range of organisations, from CROs and big pharma, though to smaller companies.

Our expert staffing specialists have undergone extensive training to ensure that they understand the pharmaceuticals industry, as well as the QA jobs in which they are trying to place candidates. And with a sizable database of qualified professionals, we successfully fill thousands of vacancies in every year.

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