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A career in Corporate Governance or Internal Audit


In order to get internal audit jobs or careers in corporate governance you will need, confidence, good interpersonal skills, drive, and above all, a keen eye for detail.

  • Internal Audit is an excellent entry-level route into multinational organisations. It performs a vital function in any business and the way that internal audit is now approached is increasingly proactive in nature, a fact reflected in the amount of investment and resources companies are putting into this field.

  • In internal audit, much of your time will be spent on site, investigating and analysing operational risk, processes, systems and controls in order to make recommendations for improvement. You really get under the skin of a business, so it’s a great way to raise your profile for future career opportunities. 

  • You will work with managing directors, unit heads and other senior managers, so it’s a great way to network. If you want to move into the main business eventually, this is an excellent way to do it. 

  • Very few roles offer you the opportunity to travel to such a variety of places. Not all roles offer international travel, but for those who want to travel, there are some great opportunities to expand your horizons.

  • Internal audit is one of the easier entry points for candidates who are fresh out of public practice. There is a certain familiarity with the work, as well as new duties to keep you learning and fresh. Many businesses will offer you routes into mainstream finance after two years if this is the route you wish to go down. If you are not a career auditor this still provides opportunities.

  • The global market is improving and lessons have been learnt. Internal auditors are at the forefront of this new business horizon and have never been so important. You can really make your mark with internal audit as never before. 
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