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Gaining the Competitive Edge

With increased competition for roles and demand for consistency, most companies now incorporate competency based questioning as part of their interview process.

Competency-based interviews are structured so that each question targets a specific skill or competency that is considered key for the role, often outlined on the formal job specification. You will be asked questions relating to your behaviour in specific circumstances, which you will need to back up with practical examples of where this has been demonstrated.

Knowing the structure of competency based interviews and preparing accordingly, can greatly increase your chances of performing well and ultimately securing a new role.
Learn to demonstrate your skills by using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result). This means setting the scene, explaining how you handled the situation by placing the emphasis on your role and skills, and detailing the outcome/result.

As a professional auditor, you can expect many of the same competencies to be tested at interview, and as such you should have a number of relevant examples prepared in advance.
These could include:

  • Overcoming objections
  • Influencing skills
  • Relationship management
  • Leadership skills
  • Project / people management

With practice and preparation, the ability to structure your answers correctly will become second nature, allowing you to concentrate on letting your personality shine at interview.