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Pharmaceuticals sales positions and business development jobs - With the ever-evolving nature of the pharmaceuticals industry, a position in sales and business development can be a highly sought-after role.

Discoveries continue to be made throughout the sector and cutting-edge science constantly creates opportunities. For those who can keep up with these new discoveries, an extremely successful career in this exciting field awaits.

At Hays Life Sciences, we provide a broad range of staffing solutions, helping those in the pharmaceuticals industry find qualified and experienced staff in all aspects of the sector, including sales and business development.

To ensure the best applicants are found and hired, we undertake recruitment methods, including multiple hiring initiatives, to target experts in specific subject matters or director-level talent.

About careers in pharma sales and business development

The pharma sales and business development sector is increasingly competitive and it is important for candidates to ensure that they have strong qualifications to back up their applications. In most cases, a life sciences degree, with a minimum 2:1 classification, is essential.

It is also beneficial to have passed the ABPI examination. Although this isn't strictly required for the first two years in a pharmaceutical sales and business development role, the high level of competition in the pharma sales and business development sector means that it is a crucial qualification.

Those seeking a career in pharmaceuticals sales and business development often start out in a proposals or contracts analysis position. These roles support the business development process, with responsibilities including responding to requests for information and proposals.

While it is possible to transfer into a sales and business development role from outside the pharmaceuticals industry, it is not always easy. Even transferring between related sectors - such as pharmaceuticals, clinical research and biotechnology - may require taking a small step downwards in the short term in order to see long-term benefits.

It is also important to remember that while both contract and permanent sales or business development opportunities are widely available within pharma, contract and interim roles are generally reserved for skilled individuals with high levels of experience.

The salary for a position in the pharmaceuticals sales and business development sector can vary greatly, depending on the job title, location of the position and the candidate's previous experience. In general, however, one could expect to earn between £30,000 and £50,000 per year.

A choice of jobs in pharma sales and business development

For those seeking a role in pharmaceuticals sales and business development, a high proficiency with both written and verbal communication will be of paramount importance.

Furthermore, candidates for sales and business development roles will also benefit from having previous experience in activities such as product launches or bid defence.

Generally field-based, sales and business development executives and managers manage customers and territories, while maximising sales and meeting targets and goals.

Key account executives are responsible for establishing and enhancing the reputation of their company through the effective sales and business development strategies.

Senior medical and scientific representatives are important members of a pharma sales and business development department. Tasked with developing and implementing robust business plans, they also ensure high standards of competitive advantage, further driving business performance.

As senior members of the sales and business development team, pharmaceuticals sales managers and directors are responsible for ensuring that sales goals are met, while maintaining compliance with the company's methods and policies.

Find a job in sales and business development with Hays Life Sciences

As one of the world's leading recruitment businesses in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries, Hays Life Sciences works with major life sciences companies in 25 countries, helping to find staff for a variety of roles, including pharmaceuticals sales and business development.

We can help fill permanent, temporary and consultant sales and business development positions at the mid- to upper-levels in both CROs and big pharma companies.

Our staffing consultants are extremely skilled and have a solid understanding about the industries in which they specialise. We take pride in finding the best candidates available for any particular job, including sales and business development, and we work hard to ensure that every vacancy is quickly filled with a qualified employee.

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