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Temporary and interim consulting

The significant pressures pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies of all sizes face in developing and launching products are often increased by the inability to attract and retain critical staff.

Hays Life Sciences provides pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotech professionals for temporary assignments and interim consulting projects. These experts are a combination of our own in house consultants and our network of freelance consultants that are available throughout the world. They have the specific skills, knowledge, and compatibilities to execute R+D projects and in particular clinical development services.

We can in most cases source a highly qualified individual in far less time than it would take to search for a permanent employee. Utilising this flexible resource and providing instant access to high-quality project resources enables our clients to function with support, confidence and agility. This integrated resource solution enables our clients to retain control of their study or project without the need to recruit staff on permanent headcount or outsource the entire project. We can help you find highly skilled individuals that are in short supply and help manage a variable workload.

For more information on how Hays Life Sciences can assist you with your Temporary and Interim requirements, contact Paul Strouts directly