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Do you fancy a career in retail? This month we focus on the role of a Fresh Food Buyer. We asked one of our candidates to give you some insight into a typical working day.

The role
A fresh food buyer is responsible for planning and selecting a range of fresh products to sell in retail outlets. The buyer must consider customer demand, market trends and budgets when making decisions. A fresh food buyer will speak to numerous suppliers on a regular basis to ensure the product remains competitive in the market. This market is highly affected by seasonal supply and trends.

Key responsibilities

  • Ordering stock from suppliers and keeping control over stock levels
  • Assisting in the strategic assessment, monitoring and development of the supplier base
  • Supporting the negotiation of the total cost
  • Supporting the development of the overall business strategy
  • Implementing promotions

What is the best part of the job?
In this job you build strong relationships with your suppliers. I enjoy being able to get the best price when negotiating with suppliers.

What is most fulfilling part of your role?
In this role I have multiple responsibilities, but managing large stock orders successfully is the most fulfilling part of my role.

What is the most challenging part of your role?
The products have a short shelf life, so ensuring the correct stock level is ordered for a given time period can sometimes prove to be quite a challenge.

What are the key skills required as a fresh food buyer?
I feel the ability to multitask and communicate efficiently are key attributes for a fresh food buyer.

A word of advice from a store support manager
Make sure you get the basics right when making stock orders.

How do you get into the profession?
Previous experience in similar buying roles is the main routes of entry.

Average Salary: £35K

Next career step:
Senior buying positions