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Watch out for the counter offer

Whenever a well-respected accountant confirms their intention to leave, it’s likely that they will receive an alternative offer from their existing employer. However, before accepting, it is important to consider why staying in an existing job might be the wrong thing to do.

Hand in your notice letter and your manager quickly offers you a better package to stay. Without doubt it’s flattering, but is it the right decision to accept? Statistics show that if you do, the chances of you resigning from your job or being asked to leave within a year is extremely high: 80% of people leave within six months and half resume their job hunts within just three months.

Other issues to consider include: 

  • If you have had to threaten to leave before they would give you true market worth, what does this say about the company?
  • It is probable that the concerns that stirred you to look for a change of job will remain, even if you accept a counter offer
  • Where is the funding for the counter offer to be made available from? Is it just your next salary raise early?
  • Now that you have made your organisation aware that you are unhappy, when personal development opportunities for accountants arise, your company will remember those who were loyal
  • Once news circulates, your working relationship with some team members may be strained

When you consider all of these issues, remaining with the same organisation may not always be the most appropriate route forward. 

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