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Find the right motor claims handlers for your business

When you’re hiring new staff for your business, finding the right combination of skills, personality and experience is always a challenge. But that challenge increases when you’re dealing with a specialised sector of the insurance business which has seen a huge growth in demand over the last 12 months.

It’s been reassuring to see more recruitment in the insurance industry over 2010 and into 2011. Specifically, the MoJ reforms have seen many of our clients coming to us to hire more people as they attempt to reduce handler portfolios. This is mainly to ensure they can process claims within the timelines that the new reforms requires.

The phrase ‘war on talent’ is often overused, but with all the major players in this sector now looking to hire more PI claims handlers, this is leading to unprecedented demand. We’ve been helping many of our clients to not only find new staff, but also to look at how they can retain their current staff.

Key developments

  • Finding quality PI claims handlers with the right technical knowledge is the key challenge at the start of 2011
  • We’ve identified claims handlers with solicitors' backgrounds as a rich source of potential new employees
  • Salaries in this sector are broadly up 10%, as the increasing demand and experience in this sector means new employees are increasingly demanding greater rewards

Looking forward

Early indications are that demand in this sector is only going to increase through at least the first half of 2011.

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