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When a talented accountant hands in their notice, it’s likely they will be made a counter offer. But it's important to consider the many reasons that accepting a counter offer can be the wrong decision.

Hand in your notice and your boss immediately makes you a better offer to stay. Sure, it’s flattering – but is it sensible to accept? Statistics show that if you accept a counter offer, the probability of you leaving or being asked to leave within 6-12 months is extremely high, with 80% of people leaving within six months and 50% reinitiating their job search within 90 days.

Here are some other points to consider:

  • If you have had to threaten to resign before they give you true market value for your skills or experience, what does this say about the company?
  • It is likely that the reasons that caused you to look for a change are likely to resurface in the future, even if you accept a counter offer.
  • Where is the money for the counter offer coming? Is it just your next salary raise early?
  • Now that you have made your company aware that you are unhappy, you may be perceived as disloyal from now on, and when promotion opportunities arise, your company will remember who was loyal and who wasn’t.
  • Once word gets out, your relationship with some colleagues may never be the same.

When you take all these factors into account, staying with the same company may not always be the easiest or best decision. 

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