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Future public service delivery depends on broader finance skills

Predictions suggest that there will be around 5.5 million people working in public services after the proposed cuts take effect, which still represents a huge workforce. Recent headlines might lead you to think that your senior finance career would be better spent in the private sector, but for exceptional senior finance professionals the future points to a changing profession that will take centre-stage.

The number of public sector organisations is changing continuously, with public bodies under review, NHS reform underway, local government seeking charity and social enterprise organisations to help increase localisation of services. The sheer scale of change means two things for your senior finance career:

  • The types of interim assignments available will continue, including change management, project intervention and influencing others
  • The skillset required by directors and leaders of finance in permanent roles will broaden out of necessity

The complexity of roles in finance is also likely to increase as issues surrounding contract management, delivering services through commercial or not-for-profit partners, fulfilling high profile roles under public scrutiny and, ultimately, delivering more for less become part of the monthly review.

As the brave new world of public service delivery takes shape, challenging, interesting and career-enhancing roles await.

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