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Technical skills testing

Have you ever been frustrated that agency candidates’ technical abilities are not as advertised?

Would you like to be able to objectively assess their skills against a worldwide database of candidate results?

Does your current recruitment supplier offer you this service at no additional cost?

Hays Information Technology offers IT skills testing for all applicants

We provide you with bespoke technical testing solutions for any IT related position that you may have, in most cases completely free of charge.

These free, in-depth tests produce an objective profile of skill, knowledge, attitude and aptitude of potential employees. Used as an effective benchmarking tool they are designed to help our clients make informed recruitment decisions, reducing hiring time and costs, maximising productivity of project teams and improving skills gap analysis and workforce planning.

Our suite of technical tests can be tailored to your requirements and administered either onsite or remotely, and a full report is sent directly to your inbox.

See an example report.

To find out more about technical testing and how Hays can partner with you as a supplier, please contact your local Hays Information Technology office.