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Recruitment solutions

Hays’ unparalleled recruiting expertise will improve your organisation by finding the right match for any Finance Technology vacancy you need to fill.

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is the acquisition and retention of the best talent. Getting recruitment wrong can mean losing your competitive advantage and facing unnecessary staff costs, but getting recruitment right can transform any organisation for the better.

Hays Finance Technology’s expertise across a spectrum of industries and professions offers the breadth and depth of knowledge to find the best candidate for any role, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Permanent recruitment

Role scoping

As experts in finance technology, we understand market conditions and can recommend the most effective methods to ensure a vacancy is filled. Through face to face briefings, we will learn exactly what is required before advising you on the most suitable approach and pricing structure for filling the role with the right candidate.

Search and assessment

A detailed understanding of requirements allows us to quickly assess all suitable candidates on our database and to use our award-winning proactive candidate attraction techniques to compile a shortlist of compliant candidates for your organisation.  We also actively promote your organisation’s appeal and reputation as an employer. All of these activities minimise the time involved in finding the most appropriate person.

Applicant and appointment management

We arrange and manage candidate interviews to ensure that shortlisted candidates are suitable and are as prepared as possible before meeting the client. We also handle the offer process and manage the period before the start date to ensure the selected candidate remains engaged and committed.

Contract roles

Working with Hays Finance Technology as a trusted partner means you obtain the most suitable people, quickly and cost-effectively.  We have access to a talent flexible workforce on short notice; individuals who will meet and exceed your requirements, ensuring that you can repond to increases in workflow swiftly and move your organisation forward smoothly. This gives your organisation maximum agility to manage your organisation’s fluctuating resources and respond to demands as they arise.
Job registration

We know that speed of response and flexible resource is the key factor of temporary recruitment. We will establish your needs and expectations through a detailed specification, including timescales and agreed rates, and then get straight to work sourcing suitable candidates.

Search and applicant management

We will present you with the cost, skill set and experience of a range of qualified candidates before putting forward final recommendations. Our proposal will be based on immediate availability, suitability and compliance.

Appointment and preparation

Once you have selected your preferred resources, we will ensure they are properly prepared and fully aware of your expectations so that they are productive from the first day.

On-assignment management

Once in post, we can offer a range of administrative support processes, from timesheet management to payroll services, that will help minimise your organisation’s involvement as required.

Senior appointments

Hays Finance Technology has a strong track record of providing CTOs, Technical Directors and Subject Matter Experts to many of the most high-profile investment banks and hedge funds in the market.

Senior financial technology professionals are often passive job seekers by nature, so they require more tactical and strategic hiring methods. Through our initial strategic planning consultation we work with our clients to define a search methodology tailored to the position, and then leverage our worldwide network of the most senior financial technology talent.

If you would like to know more about previous projects and this service, please get in touch with us now.

Global sourcing

The 'War for talent’ in the financial markets sector is a global one. Hays Finance Technology sources information and business technology specialists from a global talent poo so we are able to tailor international hiring programs and conduct borderless search activities to provide optimum coverage and probability of success.

Our global sourcing teams can manage concurrent search projects across multiple financial markets, providing a single point of contact and a consistency of quality service in each location.

If you would like to know more about previous projects and this service, please get in touch with us now.

Recruitment outsourcing

Hays Finance Technology partners with Hays Resource Management to deliver recruitment outsourcing services to financial market organisations

Hays Resource Management is the market-leading provider of HR and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. Our aim is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage in attracting and securing new talent while delivering cost, time and process savings. Hays RM has a twelve-year track record across both commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

If you would like to know more about previous projects and this service, please get in touch with us now, or read more about our RPO services.