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Reviews of our consultations

Securing an interview: Advice in writing a supporting statement

"The consultant was excellent – she grasped my situation very quickly….She shifted my statement from “I think I can do this job” to “I know I can do this job."

"I just wanted to mention that the consultation I received was of a very high standard. I received advice which, although possibly hard to take, I needed to hear from someone. I am hoping that my new letter based on the detailed and fair assessments made by your consultant will help me obtain a headship on the near future. I’ll keep you up to date of any events!"

"I am pleased to say following the consultation regarding my letter of application, I have since applied and have been successful in becoming a Headteacher. Although this was an internal appointment, the ideas provided for the letter, in particular brevity and links to the national headship standards, did help considerably."


Improving interview delivery: A Q&A session focussing on preparation and delivery at interview

"This is the missing link! For years and years I have been seeking useful advice in order to improve my interview technique. I have a successful career and excellent reputation, get interviews when I apply for jobs and clam up when I get into a room with an interview panel. Having worked through this session with the consultant I now have a clear idea about how I should be preparing, and a framework of how to structure my answers. Hopefully the application I am currently competing will lead to me being called to interview in order to put all this good advice into action!"

"The consultant was knowledgeable and professional and the interview was very constructive…I think for me this was perfect, giving direction, which I can tailor to my needs. I would recommend it to anyone aspiring to headship in the short term."

"The style and delivery of this session was outstanding. For the first time I started to really understand the way in which answers can be used to demonstrate the skills of leadership, all thanks to the consultant's clear explanations. Her keyword framework for answering questions helped enormously and I found myself growing in confidence within the hour. I would certainly recommend this to all my peers on my Aspirant Headteacher Course."


Selection centres: A session discussing activities at selection centres

"I found the consultation very useful; The consultant was able to give me a range of helpful ideas and strategies to consider if I am selected for an interview. His advice was concise and clearly focused on the objectives of the consultation. I certainly feel more knowledgeable in what to expect and more confident in preparing for the event."

"The consultant was honest and very focused. She helped me see what the panel would be looking for, what I had to offer and the gap between that and how I presented myself."

"This was a very useful session and serves as a good reminder of what to do and what not to do. It was very helpful to think about the common pitfalls in activities that may be given as when in interview mode it is easy for any of us to slip up on these things."


Skills awareness for headship: A Q&A session and a discussion on skills, strengths, educational philosophy and how to best represent themselves at interview

"I think just having the consultation gave me time to stop and take stock of things. It was useful because I had to sit down and think and be honest with myself. Self analysis is always difficult. I was pleased that we discussed my profile and I was then coached into taking the positives from all outcomes…. The consultation has confirmed my view that I am ready to take on a headship. The consultation was very constructive giving guidance for improvements of answers to questions. It was good to hear another's point of view in a coaching manner."

"I was really lacking in confidence before the telephone consultation. I was nervous about the consultation and doubting whether I had the skills to be an effective leader. The consultant really helped me believe in myself and I will never be able to thank her enough!"

"This was one of the most useful experiences that I have taken part in. I felt empowered by the discussion and by the positive feedback, which I was given."


Participants appointed to headship

We have had many participants appointed to Headship during the past year. Here are quotes from a few of them.

"I am writing to let you know that I was offered the job that I was interviewed for today and yesterday. I am a bit overwhelmed, but I want to thank you again for all your help - it was excellent. The structure you gave me really helped me to formulate my answers. Keep up the good work!"

"I had an interview for a Headship today and have been offered the job. Could you please pass on my thanks to the consultant who I had a consultation with in January re Skills Awareness for Headship. Her briefing comments made all the difference to my interview technique and were the difference between failure last time I was interviewed in September and a far more precise and confident person today, hence the success. You are all doing a brilliant job and I thank you again."

"I got the job!! Your advice was perfect and I used your suggestions about shaping my answers on almost every answer. Thanks to you I felt in a much stronger position to enter my first headship interview - you were great. Really appreciate your guidance. I will be reporting back to Hays to express my appreciation. Thank you again."

"I am delighted to tell you that I had my first headship interview today and I was successful! Please pass my enormous thanks to the consultant - my interview consultation was so helpful and I used all of her advice during the day. I felt more prepared for interview today than ever before - it was still gruelling but I had a framework in which to articulate my responses. Many thanks for all your help!"

"The NCSL consultation I took part in earlier in the year was extremely useful, and as a result I clinched a headship for September! The most useful advice was to structure examples from my working practice around the six areas of Headship into four-part answers (context, vision, action, impact). I made notes on this basis and it really helped in the interview."