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Get to the top of the IT jobs ladder

Many of the most prestigious IT job roles go unadvertised, as applicants are sourced via specialist recruitment consultants or head hunters who specialise in senior management IT jobs.

Here are some tips to help you put yourself in the best possible position to take advantage of such opportunities when they arise.

Raise your profile

Many IT professionals work hard to cultivate their profile and earn credibility and visibility for supporting and adding value to the industry. Attending or speaking at high-profile IT industry events and conferences, championing a key issue that is important to you and providing press commentaries are just a few of the ways you can make your mark and get noticed by your peers.
Inter-industry networking
It is imperative that you cultivate relationships, not only with your immediate colleagues but also with people who are important in other industries.

New jobs in IT, people moves, company restructures and other industry activity are often topics of conversation at big events and being in the loop will increase your awareness, and potentially your market worth. Giving advice and helping out others can prove fruitful to your future career, as one good turn is often reciprocated by another.

Continuing education

You must keep abreast of all the latest IT developments; this might mean attending courses to fill any skills gaps you have and generally working on your points of weakness. The same applies if you are a specialist. Being an exceptional IT strategist is not enough; you must also have a solid commercial grounding and be able to advise other functional heads.

Geographical flexibility

Weighing up your options for IT jobs and widening your horizons has never been more important, given the global nature of the IT profession. Should you wish to venture abroad, not only must your skills meet the country’s requirements, but other factors – such as encountering a new culture and ethics – need thinking about. If you choose to stay in the UK, logistical planning will still apply if commuting or relocating to another part of the country.

Plan ahead

Your CV is the passport to your success, so it’s worth putting in the time to fine-tune it so it’s always ready to send to an employer. A recruitment partner with specialist expertise of the senior IT market will be able to provide guidance and will have in-depth knowledge as to the kinds of opportunity that exist in the IT marketplace.

Your network of mentors and peers will also assist with your decision-making, as there are many things you need to consider; for example, the sector and type of company you want to work in, and whether or not you want to go down the overseas route.

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