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Treasury Market update
November 2010

2010 has been another turbulent year in terms of employment generally across the UK and corporate treasury has not escaped. The economic climate meant that the skills of the corporate treasurer came to the fore in 2008 and 2009. In 2010, we were hoping for a return to ‘business as usual’. To a degree this has happened but is has left its mark on the treasury recruitment market in the UK.

At the beginning of 2010 we saw that the focus in terms of treasury jobs was on operational roles and often more ‘fire fighting’ then value add. This was largely driven by company wide cost reduction measures leading to it becoming very difficult for departments to take on additional heads and having to manage the work load around the team in place. 

Recently, we have seen a marked increase in the volume of treasury jobs being recruited. These have been across all areas including from operations, accounting & controls, funding and specific project work, predominately across London and the South East – although there have been a number of interesting contract treasury roles across the UK. 

The new roles have also lead to employees putting their head above the parapet and becoming much more interested in new opportunities on the market, leading to vacancies being created by people moving to new roles. With a few notable exceptions, redundancies have remained low and there has not been an influx of new talent in to the market.

Current trends:

  • Employers are more rigorous in their selection criteria
    Only those with a very close skills match are being considered. Whereas in the more halcyon days, employers would have hired someone with the right basic skills and develop them in to a role. Today, they are more often than not looking to ‘buy-in’ this expertise as they do not have the time, budget or inclination to train new recruits.
  • A lack of junior candidates
    Good analysts (predominantly finance graduates with 18-24 months experience looking for their first move for development) are in heavy demand and there is a limited supply.
  • Number of mid management level roles is steady (Manager to Assistant Treasurer jobs)
    There are roles, however employers are more likely to be looking for someone with experience looking to make a sideways move then someone looking for upskilling.
  • Being proactive is a must
    Those looking for new opportunities benefit hugely from taking a more proactive approach to their search (the right role is unlikely to fall in to their lap). Now, more than ever, having a good working relationship with your recruitment consultant is crucial.
  • Professional and academic qualifications are increasingly important
    AMCT and MCT are often a prerequisite, particularly in the larger treasury teams. Accounting qualifications are more often a necessary requirement for application – particularly in midcaps or stand-alone treasurer jobs.

In short, we are seeing a promising return to more strategic recruitment with additional heads being added to teams (as opposed to just replacing leavers). This means that there are more opportunities available to job seekers.

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