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Financial Markets

Latest recruitment trends

Hays Financial Markets surveyed nearly 800 employees in the financial markets sector to get a gauge of the state of the market. Our results confirm the recruitment and retention challenges that exist in the banking and financial services sectors.

Headline figures strongly suggest that the candidate market is far more mobile than it was in 2009:

  • 25% of employees are considering leaving the sector
  • 75% are open to considering new jobs opportunities
  • 25% of employees think they will stay with their current employer for more than 3 years
  • 42% want to leave within the next year

It's been an interesting year so far as the market has become candidate-driven across all of our financial market specialisms. Vacancies registered with us are at 75% of the peak levels of three years ago, and while a number of the bigger players have fuelled much of this demand, we are increasingly seeing demand from many of our mid-tier and boutique clients as well.

We predict that the job market will remain strong, but our clients want only the highest calibre candidates, and every hire is still being seen as a key investment decision; as such, the recruitment and selection process is more thorough to ensure a perfect match.

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