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Information overload?

The amount of information that can be produced is ever increasing in today’s technology-driven society. Since computers were first introduced into manufacturing in the late 1960s they have revolutionised the factory floor and automation has moved to a whole new level.

As reported by Stephen Slade, Senior Director at Oracle, the automated process creates enormous volumes of data – the amount is doubling every two years – but only a small percentage of this data is ‘actionable’ as management struggles to both keep up with and work with the growing mountain of data.

At first sight, having too much information doesn’t necessarily sound like a big problem; better to have too much than not enough. But information overload creates significant costs for collecting and storing the masses of information required to track trends, create quality reports and meet regulatory requirements.

The movement towards new and more stringent reporting standards such as FDA / CFR, carbon footprints, lead content and safety standards increases the need for manufacturers to find new ways to process the data.

At Hays, we are seeing demand for job seekers who have contributed to improvement programs and have experience of 6-Sigma, which concentrate on drilling down and using data to find root causes. Such professionals can help ensure that costs and margins are kept within reasonable limits and that they get value for every pound spent.

A successful manufacturing operation needs skilled and experienced people who can analyse the abundance of data so it can flourish. If you are one of these people, then get in touch to discuss current opportunities.

With the growth the sector is currently seeing, now is the time to ensure you have the right people within your organisation to take advantage of this upturn. Get in touch to discuss your recruiting needs.