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What does the future hold for retail and investment bankers?

The banking and financial sector in the UK has fundamentally changed in recent years as the global economic crises have had a lasting effect on how the industry operates in the UK.

But now the UK is exiting the recession and taking the first hesitant steps towards recovery, what will this mean for the banking sector? Will banking once again become a stable, respectable career – and the one of choice for ambitious graduates – or will it be seen as a risky career choice filled with pitfalls and redundancies?

Retail bank jobs outlook

What does this mean for people who work in or want to work in banking? Well, while the landscape of banking has changed, the fundamental elements remain the same: people and businesses still need a safe place to keep their money, and people and organisations will still want to invest and grow their income.

Although there have been mergers and acquisitions, the network of retail bank branches across the UK hasn’t seen any large-scale reductions. Retail banks are working to regain customers’ trust and improve their reputations. Many large banking organisations are running nationwide recruitment drives, looking for ambitious customer-focused people to join their networks.

At Hays, we are seeing a substantial increase in demand across the UK for cashiers, personal bankers and other branch-based retail staff. See the latest available banking jobs in the UK.

Investment bank jobs outlook

Investment bankers were casualties of the recession, with many finding themselves out of work. But with recovery slowly starting to gain momentum, the need for experienced professionals is growing.

At Hays, we are seeing signs that things are improving: job registrations are increasing week by week, large campaigns are gaining momentum and the word on the street is that confidence is once again returning to the market and banks are again looking to grow.

We’re working with many banks in London and around the UK to recruit, and we’ve gradually seen the number and frequency of recruitment campaigns increase over the past 6-12 months. There are more banking vacancies across the board, from graduate investment banking jobs to senior investment banking jobs, not to mention banking support and front office banking jobs.

The future is hard to predict, but it is certain that the banking world will feel the effects of the recession for many years to come. Mergers and acquisitions have created a smaller number of more powerful institutions, meaning that the proposed tighter controls are more important than ever.

To find out how we can help you to find UK banking jobs, don’t hesitate to contact your local banking recruitment expert. We have teams that are dedicated to specifically dedicated to recruiting for retail banking jobs, business banking jobs, corporate banking jobs, commercial banking jobs, and private and premier wealth management jobs, so we can find your ideal role.

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