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Catherine Hill, Business Director at Hays Credit Management puts forward her top networking tips.

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Establish relationships with recruiters in your local area

Even when you are not seeking work, it is important to keep in touch with and build relationships with specialist recruiters. Ask to be kept in touch with the market and you will be contacted about exciting opportunities in your local area and if you do find yourself in need of a new role your recruiters will work harder on your behalf as they know you well.

Attend industry events

Our research found that almost half (48%) of credit professionals had attended networking events in the past two years. The most popular being Hays Credit Management Forums, CICM master classes and branch events. In my experience, industry events are key to getting yourself known and keeping you in the know. They will keep you up-to-date with changes in legislation and ensure you’re always at the cutting edge of your industry, as well as provide opportunity to meet with peers and share your ideas and experiences.

Social media

Keep your personal and private life separate; remember if you are interviewing for a new position, the likelihood is that prospective recruiters will look you up. LinkedIn is not only a career tool but an important way of connecting with your peers, make sure you make the right connections, join relevant groups and contribute your professional opinion. Keep LinkedIn for business but also be aware of your Facebook profile or other social media outlets!

The importance of your internal network

Credit managers have the perfect role to network effectively and raise their personal credentials within an organisation which can lead to involvement in exciting projects or promotion opportunities.

Credit managers have exposure to finance, sales, customer services, purchasing, HR and operations. Raising your profile within your own business could include holding debt meetings, asking to attend and present at local, regional or national meetings, asking to present directly to the board rather than submitting a report to the finance director.

About Catherine Hill
Catherine Hill is a Business Director at Hays Credit Management. She has over 13 years' experience gained within the accountancy and finance recruitment sector and has specialised in credit management for the last five years. She now leads Hays Credit Management division across Yorkshire and the North East and is a key member of the Yorkshire & Ridings CICM branch committee. Having developed an unrivalled network of clients and candidates across the Yorkshire region, Catherine has established herself as the recruiter of choice for credit management appointments.