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Make your CV stand out

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Kabir Gulabkhan, Managing Consultant at Hays Credit Management offers his top CV writing tips.

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Be clear and concise

As a specialist credit recruiter, I see a high volume of CVs every day. Keeping your CV clear and concise with the use of bullet points makes it easier for recruiters and employers to see your key strengths without trawling through a lot of text. These CVs will always stand out from the crowd and will increase your chances of your application being taken forward.

Keep the format consistent

Ever heard the phrase, “consistency is key”? Well this rings very true when talking about the format of CVs. A messy, inconsistent CV with different fonts and sizes say a lot about you. Make sure every effort is made to ensure your past work experience is written in the same format in a way that is easy on the eye and looks professional.

Speak in volumes and values

When looking at CVs, we want to see more than your normal duties and responsibilities. Remember your CV is your first point of contact and your greatest opportunity to sell yourself, therefore make sure you tailor it in a way specifically for credit and receivables. Finance recruiters love numbers so fill your CV with them! What was the size of your ledger? How many live accounts did you look after? What were the value of the invoices? Let the recruiter and client know you really know your stuff!

Reference your achievements

As we know, within the credit department, you can really make a difference. Cash is king and cash flow is the life blood of any business. If you went into a company and significantly reduced the aged debt, tell us about it. If you reduced the DSO within a certain amount of time, shout about it. Also, if you helped implement a credit policy or assisted in a system upgrade or change, these achievements will really stand you out from the crowd.

For more information about how you could improve your CV, contact your local credit management team here.

About Kabir Gulabkhan
Kabir Gulabkhan is a Managing Consultant at Hays Credit Management and leads the division across the City and Greater London. Leading a team of seven credit specialist consultants, he has experts covering each industry including property, retail, manufacturing, media, leisure, consultancy, legal and insurance. Kabir is now also a key member of the London CICM Committee, therefore cementing Hays London Credit Managements position as the leading specialist recruiter within credit.