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In a time of significant change in the UK economy, attracting, motivating and retaining financial services talent has never been more important. Our Financial Markets Reward report 2015 explores the remuneration packages of those working in the city and provides insight for employers on what best to offer current and new staff.

Request your copy of our Financial Markets Reward Report 2015 here

Enticing talent with greater reward

Over 6,800 financial markets professionals and organisations from across the UK were surveyed in spring 2015. They were asked about their existing and preferred salary and remuneration packages, factors determining reasons they are staying with current employers, such as cashable benefits and flexible working, and what would attract them to move elsewhere.

Here are some of our key findings:

  • 90% say salary is the main influence when looking for a new role
  • 61% put bonus as the second most important factor
  • 57% prefer an innovative, creative and a learning and development-based work culture
  • 34% say home or remote working is important when considering a new role
  • 32% of employers currently offer a cash value as alternative to benefits
  • 20% of employers have improved packages for existing employees to for retention

Our 2015 report explores:

Key factors affecting financial services professionals:

  • Salary and bonus
  • Benefits
  • Organisational culture
  • Flexible working
  • Counter offer culture

A round-up of the preferred remuneration packages by function:

  • Front office and revenue generators
  • Finance, governance and regulatory functions
  • Operations, technology and change
  • Support functions

A full set of recommendations to employers:

  • Counteract counter offers with a good onboarding strategy
  • Recognise the important of flexible working
  • Provide opportunities and challenges
  • Consider the option of cashable benefits for a higher salary
Request your copy of our Financial Markets Reward Report 2015 here