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How to keep tech talent engaged during the application process



Technology plays a key role in speeding up processes in our everyday lives. From website loading times to auto-filled online forms, our expectations for fast and efficient processes continues to grow.

Efficiency when searching for and applying to new jobs is no exception to this trend. In my last blog, I touched on the importance of having the right information readily available to prospective tech candidates so they can quickly and easily find the information they need from a job advert. This need for efficiency is also the case when it comes to applying for jobs, with professionals expecting a quick and user friendly application process.

However, our latest What Workers Want 2018 report shows that this expectation is not always met. 59% of IT professionals rate their previous experience applying for a job via an employer’s career website or portal as average to very poor – not the best impression an employer wants to give to prospective tech candidates.

Just under three-quarters (74%) of IT professionals say the main reason for this unsatisfactory experience was that the overall process was too long with too many requirements. A further 50% say their experience was poor because they were not able to view how long the process would take at the start of the application.

This negative experience can manifest itself into a loss of candidates applying for tech roles. Our research shows that the vast majority (83%) of IT professionals say they would consider abandoning an application which took over 15 minutes to complete. Despite this, two-fifths of employers say they have an application process which lasts longer than this length of time.

We talk more about how you can improve your hiring processes in our latest podcast.

So what can you do to shorten your application processes?

1. Try your application process for yourself

How long does it take to apply for a role at your organisation? If you don’t know the answer, it might be worth timing it for yourself. Most candidates will consider abandoning their application if it takes over 15 minutes to complete, so if yours takes longer than this it is worth thinking about how you can speed it up.

2. Reduce the amount of information required at this early stage

While there are certain pieces of information which are needed at the application stage, take the time to review your process to check if everything you ask for is really necessary. If it is not strictly needed when someone is applying for a role, wait till later on in the process to ask for it. This will shorten the application process and therefore help keep prospective candidates engaged.

3. Consider investing more in your application experience

Not everyone can invest large amounts into their career website or portal, but getting the basics right can be the difference between whether someone finishes an application for your role or not. At the least it is beneficial to make sure your site is optimised for mobile. You can also consider investing in a digital recruitment campaign to improve your candidate attraction strategy.

Technology continues to shape the world around us, including when it comes to hiring tech candidates. By investing time into reviewing and improving the application experience in your own organisation, you should find it easier to attract talented tech professionals in a more efficient way.

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