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When best to schedule your interview for a school role



It’s easy to be anxious over arranging an interview time, especially when you work within a school and have the possible complexities of organising time off during term-time. One of the ways you can combat this and ease your nerves is to schedule your interview for the optimum time.

We understand you won’t always be able to choose when your interview will be and there may be times when scheduling is more flexible for all parties, such as the school holidays, but it’s not uncommon for schools to offer candidates a few different time slots. So for when this occasion arises, it’s useful to have to take these ideas on-board.

The school are open to what day they see me but what day would really work best?

If you’re in a position in a school already, but are looking to move, then Monday might initially seem like the most obvious day to arrange an interview. You’ve had the weekend to look over the information the school has given you on the class you’re teaching if you’re conducting an observed lesson, you’ve meticulously prepared your lesson plan, printed off any resources and feel confident about delivering an excellent lesson with all this still fresh in your mind.

However, remember that whilst Monday may work best for you, it might not be the best day for the Head Teacher interviewing and observing you. They’ve likely had emails build up over the weekend, staff meetings to organise for the week ahead and therefore might not be as focused on you as you’d ideally want them to be. Generally it’s best not to schedule an interview for either day each side of the weekend as you want your interviewer’s risk of distraction to be minimal. A preferred day could be Wednesday. It’s a nice mid-week activity lull where you can hopefully then succeed in your interview and lesson, with still enough time to find out a decision before the weekend.

I’ve been given time slot options over one day, what should I go for?

If the Head Teacher has set aside an entire day to interview for a post then it’s important to pick the perfect slot where you’ll impress the Head Teacher and set the bar high, so that the swarm of the afternoon candidates will be measured up against you - and hopefully found lacking! The ideal hours would be between 10am and 12am as the SLT member has had the time to check their emails and get into work mode, whilst also giving you amble time to arrive to your interview on time and travel outside rush hours. Another bonus of this time period is that your class of students will likely be alert and lively too; there’s nothing worse than teaching a lesson first thing in a morning to a sleepy non-responsive class. You want your class to be engaged and focused on the activities you have planned.

Try not to get too caught up in planning when your interview will be, as essentially it will only offer you a small advantage over rival applicants. Ultimately, if you prepare for your interview and lesson then your suitability for the role will shine through.

To find out more, or to discuss your employment needs in this field, please contact your local consultant.

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