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The rapid pace of progress

The annual Silicon Beach event in Bournemouth is a haven for digital creatives across the country, an opportunity for professionals and business leaders to network and discuss the latest advancements in digital technology. At this year’s event, we spoke to David Birss, creativity consultant, speaker and broadcaster, about the rapid developments we are seeing in the sector.

In the video below, he describes how new roles are emerging at a pace never seen before, and suggests that businesses need act to create roles which embrace and explore new technologies.

The emergence and development of new technologies including artificial intelligence, 3D modelling, animation and others is unlocking more avenues for creativity than ever before, but the most impactful advances in recent years have come from data.

The collection and analysis of data has become centrally important to organisations of all scopes and sizes. Having teams able to use data to tell stories, target customers and create better user experiences has become a top priority.

Businesses and organisations need the right talent to be able to innovate in a fast moving industry. This means finding talented data specialists as well as pioneering digital creatives to lead exciting campaigns. In both cases, Hays has the experience and expertise to help you find the professionals you need.

Make sure your teams are fresh and innovative enough to adapt to new technologies. Contact your local digital technology recruitment expert.

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