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It is no secret that digital technology's role in marketing is evolving at an unprecedented rate. This pace of change means that marketing teams need to evaluate the skills required to retain a competitive edge.

Marketing professionals are ambitious, aiming high in their careers, and want their employers to recognise and reward their achievements along the way. Our study shows that career progression is a key motivator, with almost a quarter (24%) expecting to receive a promotion within one year and 29% have a desire to reach Chief Marketing Officer or another C-Suite position. Nurturing your team’s career aspirations through offering development opportunities will benefit your business by attracting and retaining the best in class.

What can employers do to ensure they attract and retain the most ambitious individuals and develop the essential skills needed to succeed?

1. Know your team’s career plan

Our recent What Workers Want Report 2017, revealed that 29% of marketing professionals want to reach C-suite positions in their careers, this is higher than the overall average of 21%. So it is highly likely that your marketing team incorporates some of these individuals who want career development. Naturally, a company that looks to build a pipeline of future leaders will be more enticing, a significant advantage when looking to attract the best new talent in the market place.

Regular performance reviews that focus on the development plan of your team will help you better meet their needs. Career development has many guises, lateral progression to help broaden the skillset of your team and also encourage them to explore mentoring options to help foster leadership skills. Opportunities such as these can improve their commercial awareness across the board.

2. Promote training and development opportunities

78% of marketing professionals want to receive support towards third party training from potential future employers, and only 37% said they presently receive this from their current employer. The right balance of cores skills coupled with technical knowledge will help aid the development of high performing teams. There are internal and external training options which can be provided by professional bodies, e.g. CIM, CIPR and the IDM.

Empowering training and development programmes will enable your team to have the ‘fit for purpose’ skills required. Openly discussing and promoting training options at interview stage and throughout an employee’s career is a key factor to attract and retain the most talented professionals. To continue to support progression, developing soft skills, such as communication, decision-making and problem-solving is critical. The importance of technical, commercial and analytical skills in the world of marketers today must not be underestimated.

3. Cultivate a culture that celebrates success

36% of marketers value the recognition and respect that a promotion brings, and a business that actively encourages a culture of development, learning and up-skilling, will attract great people. Our recent What Workers Want Report 2017, discovered that 71% of marketing professionals said they would take a pay cut for a better workplace culture, this is higher than the UK average of 62%.

To create a positive workplace culture, focus on areas that use teamwork to nurture a collaborative working environment, ensuring you celebrate success and individual achievements across the whole team. Adopting an inclusive culture from within, where employees feel valued, will help in attracting and retaining the best staff.

An awareness of skills gaps allows employers to invest in their teams, provide clear progression routes, and improve their ability to attract and retain ambitious marketing professionals. A balanced skill set is imperative in a forward thinking, commercial and creative business - a prerequisite for success in today's world of marketing.

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