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Why you shouldn't be left out in the cold - here are four benefits of hiring seasonal temp cover


The holiday season is here. For the organised amongst us, plans will be well underway to ensure 2017’s a festive one. Holidays have been booked, New Year’s Eve plans finalised and family gatherings coordinated.

Yet despite the celebrations, this period can be a stressful time for many businesses. Workflow can peak due to increased demand or imminent deadlines, which can be a cause of stress right into the new year.

Usually, increases in work and delivery expectations can be anticipated and managed, but with annual leave requests at their highest this time of year, teams can be smaller than usual. No employer wants to deny leave, but business waits for no man – not even Father Christmas. Instead, it might be time to hire a seasonal temp. Here are four ways a temp can help you get through the season:

1. Tackling increased workloads and improving morale

With many employees on leave this time of year, your teams may be short-staffed – which can impact their ability to meet deadlines. Furthermore, being under-staffed can increase the workloads of those working through the holiday period, impacting their work-life balance and morale.

A temporary employee can assist with workloads, helping them meet the demands of the business without foregoing their personal priorities. Hiring a temp is typically a fast process as you will be hiring solely for specific technical skills, rather than hoping to achieve a long-term cultural fit, making this an ideal solution for employers who want a quick, flexible solution for increased seasonal pressures.

2. Preparing for the new year

It’s also important to ensure you start the new year off on a strong footing, with all projects completed and nothing behind schedule. Having a ‘clean slate’ will ensure that you are able to immediately focus on meeting your business’ 2018 objectives come January 1st.

Many temps usually have a specific area in which they specialise. Furthermore, they are used to entering a new organisation and turning around and completing projects in a short timeframe. By hiring someone with a niche skillset who will be able to hit the ground running and get stuck into work with little delay, you can ensure that you are fully prepared to begin next year with a bang.

3. Maintaining – and improving – high standards

When your top talent starts producing poorer quality work, they may be rushing because they’re overworked or trying to get out the door on time to deal with the increasing number of personal priorities associated with this time of year.

Not only can a temp help your staff get back on track and complete work to their usual high standard, but they usually have plenty of experience working in different ways with different organisations. As a result, many have a very comprehensive view of what constitutes ‘best practice’, and by introducing better ways of working, the productivity boost they can offer may remain long after they have moved on.

4. Securing skills in short supply

It goes without saying that one of the main benefits of hiring a temp is their relatively lower cost. They do not require the fixed annual salary or some of the costs such as training and development that hiring a permanent employee would – which is particularly important if you are hiring purely to support during a busy period.

However, hiring a seasonal temp can also help if you have been struggling to secure highly-skilled professionals in a particular area. The holiday season may be an ideal time to engage a temp in that field, particularly as many of your competitors may slow down or take a break from recruitment at this time of year. Get ahead of the competition by bringing on board a temporary professional to fill a skills gap now. If they work out, you may even decide to take them on permanently.

Temporary employees are a highly effective resource at this time of year. They’ll help alleviate stress, keep morale high, use their expertise to complete work to a high standard, and ensure permanent staff can go on leave. It’s exactly what you asked for this Christmas.

For further insights into the many advantages of hiring temporary staff, download our guide today.

For more information or to discuss your recruitment needs in this field, please contact your local consultant.

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