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To celebrate National Payroll Week, here are a list of top tips on how to promote your skills, experience and expertise on your CV. Whether you’re new to payroll or looking for your next opportunity, by following our advice, your CV will be sure to stand out from the competition.

Detail, detail, detail!

When writing about your experiences within the payroll industry it’s important to highlight in-depth detail about your experiences within the sector and ensure it is tailored for the job you are applying for. For example:

  • You could mention the size of the payrolls you have managed in the past. By being explicit about the numbers of employees whose salaries you have managed, you will be able to show your interviewer your areas of expertise.
  • Provide details about how many different payrolls you have run, and whether on a weekly, fortnightly, lunar or monthly basis. If you are a manager, then include how many people were in your direct team.
  • You should also give insight to your qualifications that are relevant and courses you have you have undertaken that relate to your role, CIPP studies for example.

By using the above examples, your potential employer will see what your capabilities are and how you would fit in within the organisation.

Experience is key

Let employers know your diverse set of skills. Many companies, especially SMEs, will look for professionals who can take on a multitude of responsibilities. Practical experience in processing maternity pay, sick pay, paternity pay, P38s, P45s, P46s, P60s, RTI or auto enrolment is highly desired.

Be clear about the payroll systems that you can use, and whether or not you have been responsible for reconciling payroll in the past. If you have experience in other countries, or processing payroll in other currencies, be sure to talk about it, as this emphasises your ability to adapt work in different set of environments.

The results

Detail key challenges you have overcome, what skills you took away from each role and make sure your achievements are clear. For instance:

  • complex projects like new payroll system implementations
  • setting up a payroll from scratch, implementing new controls and procedures
  • training new staff, upgrades or legislation changes.

Be clear and proud about your accomplishments to show your potential employer that you are the right candidate for the job.

We are hosting CV consultations for payrollers across the UK, which run from 4-8 September. Book your place here or for more information regarding your employment needs please contact your local office.

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