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Does your boss care about your career progression?

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Regardless of what job sector you’re in, continuous learning and progression throughout your career is essential. Without the motivation and thrive to succeed, your role will become repetitive and your skills can become outdated.

Here’s what your manager needs to demonstrate to show keenness in the development of your career:

Do you feel comfortable to speak up?

If your boss truly cares about your career progression, they will have already tried to create an open environment where you feel comfortable to communicate your ideas and how you want to see your role progressing. This can be done through informal catch ups, “career-maps” and one-to-one meetings where you are able to openly discuss the steps necessary to fulfil your potential.

Are you being challenged?

It’s important that you’re allowed to think about new tasks or projects, which aren’t usually in your day-to-day responsibilities. By giving you the opportunity to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, they are encouraging you to develop and is therefore willing to support you through that journey.

Are you being given the chance to learn?

It is down to you to find out what your goals are and proactively search for ways to achieve them. Ideally you will be supported with training opportunities relevant to your career as well as the team and department’s own goals.

However, as training courses can be a big investment of the company time and money, this may not always be possible. If that is the case, then your boss should at least explain their reasoning and suggest alternative ways to up-skill yourself which do not impact the budget as much. A key thing to remember is that employers today rate your experience by your ability to apply it in real-world environments… so look for chances to take your text book lessons into real situations.

Do you know the right people?

An additional way to meet your career goals is to ensure your team are using their status to connect you to right people. These opportunities will eventually contribute to being promoted up the ranks. For example, if you want to become a people manager, you would need to know who to impress. Whether it’s through presentations, representing the team during meetings or inviting you to corporate events… all these things add up. 

Have they got your back?

The best way to indicate this is if your boss is commending you in front of the wider team, attributing relevant successes to you and being happy to let you take credit. Another test is to see when an opportunity comes up within your team which is perfectly aligned to what you want. Have they encouraged you to go for it? And if not, did they give feedback and offer for you to develop accordingly?

How do you know?

If you have answered yes to most of the questions above and getting the help and support you need to succeed - then they truly have your best interests in mind. If it was mostly no, then maybe it’s time for you to have a conversation and see if they can adjust to your needs. Failing that, then perhaps it’s time for you to move on and find a team that best suits your career goals.

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